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Hiring the Right Agent

Hiring the Right Agent

In today’s market, hiring the right agent is the single most important thing you can do to sell your home!


As a Managing Broker, REALTOR®, I have over 25 years professional experience working with Sellers and Buyers. 

Whether the market is up or down, I can’t stress enough how experience impacts the sale of your home.  This is not unique to real estate.  The more transactions someone is involved in, the more experience.  On average, I close 45 to 50 transactions a year, giving me the title of top producer for our office, and geographical area.   With so many closed transactions, there are very few situations that cannot be worked through.  With experience comes a long list of service providers that can help to get the transaction closed. 

The list of issues that come up are too many to list, but here are a few examples:  contracts, financing, home inspections, appraisals, estate sales, title issues, undischarged mortgages, zoning discrepancies, failed septic systems, radon issues (water and air), arsenic, commitment dates, mold, inexperienced agents, cold feet, and the list goes on. 

Selling a few homes a year isn’t enough experience to stay on top of the growing list of issues, or have the resources to get the issues resolved. 

Internet Savvy

The internet plays a key role in sale of your home.  Most Buyers start online with their property search.  Internet marketing doesn’t just mean placing your home on MLS.  It means managing other sites like,,,,,,, and many more shown below.   



Technology and MLS also offer the ability to do reverse prospecting.  Most agents today will enter what a Buyer is looking for into MLS.  As soon as a property becomes available that meets their needs, a notice will be sent to their email.  As a listing agent, I can do that in reverse, and look for buyers who have a search criteria that meets your property.  Once a match is found, I can notify their agent with all the details of your property. 

This technology is also true for our showing service, MAPASS.  If an agent has shown your property, and something has changed about the property (i.e price), I can notify all the agents that had shown the property that there is a new price. 


In any industry, being as efficient as possible is going to allow for a better experience and increase the likelihood of success.  Real estate requires systems and project coordination skills to ensure a successful sale. 

Efficiency also refers to how quickly calls and emails about your home are addressed.  All inquiries go directly to me as the listing agent.  If I am not in the office, the emails will go directly to my phone.  All inquiries are answered immediately, unless I am with a client.  When that happens, I’ll get back to any inquiry as soon as I’m done.  I also have a full-time marketing coordinator that can help answer any questions.  She continually markets your home whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Postlets, or our sphere of local agents.   


I treat all clients and all parties involved in the transaction with respect and empathy at the highest level.  I am a REALTOR®, and also abide by the Code of Ethics.  You can expect, honesty, integrity and success! 


One of the things you can expect from me is honesty.  I’m honest to a fault, and you will always receive the truth from me.  You would think telling the truth is something that everyone does, unfortunately, that is not the case.  In real estate, honesty starts at the first meeting explaining how pricing and marketing will get your property sold.  Some agents are afraid to tell the Seller the truth, especially around pricing, in fear that they’ll lose the listing.  Or, they’ll give an unrealistically high price to get the listing.  You will always get the honest truth about your property from me.  Pricing a property too high will just hurt you in the long run.  Too much time on market has proven a lower sales price. 


I will always do the right thing, even when nobody is looking!

“Expect honesty, integrity, and success”

“Your home, your dream, my passion”


In closing, I would love the opportunity to work with you to get your property SOLD.  I am hard working, knowledgeable, dependable, and provide the highest level of service to my clients.  Why not work with a top producer, and the #1 real estate company in New Hampshire?


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             Susan Tillery

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